Pre-requisites Treehouseplaygroup

Besides being focused on expansion, we continue to emphasise on creating an exceptional experience for the children. We believe this quality to be our eventual differentiator.

Pre-requisites for being a franchisee:

  • Passion for education
  • Own property or ability to rent space
  • Minimum 1,000 square feet of space with an outdoor play area (preferable)
  • Ground-floor premises with a built-in washroom
  • Society NOC, approval from the local Municipal Authority, site commercialisation proof (wherever applicable)
  • Child-safe premises
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit and ability to invest Capital
  • Interiors to be arranged by Franchisee as per the specifications of TreeHouse. TreeHouse will provide images of existing centres as a guide. Besides, the organisation will also provide assistance in painting characters on walls and creating the preschool atmosphere, at a nominal fee.
  • The Franchisee will be responsible for hiring teachers, house cleaners and other staff before the start of the academic session. The remuneration of the entire staff will be payable by the Franchisee.